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First and foremost: you need to decide if being a people manager is something you're really passionate about. If you're unsure, probably this is not the right time for you.

You can certainly acquire the skills to become a great manager, but it takes effort, and you'll feel miserable if that's not what you want to do with your career. Worse: the experience of folks who report to you will be a mess.

If you're not sure what entails to be a manager, a good introduction is "Radical Candor", by Kim Scott [1]. Another one is is "Resilient Management", by Lara Hogan [2]. Lara was a senior engineering leader at Kickstarter and Etsy, so her examples are a bit more focused on tech people managers.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Candor-Kick-Ass-Without-Human...

[2] https://larahogan.me/blog/coming-soon-resilient-management

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