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The Closest Habitable Exoplanets [video] (youtube.com)
29 points by fogus 27 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

The only thing reliable on this is the names of the planets, the distance away, the mass and the possibly the elements it possesses. We don't know much about how the planet looks at all or if its atmosphere is a death trap. I think its pretty misleading to show a beautiful earth-like terrain.

Pretty sure nothing is correct in this video. It displays a bunch of globes/maps which cannot be representative of anything beyond imaginary fantasy lands, and maybe that's artistic license.

But the video mentions sending radio waves in 1986, even though the first suspects weren't claimed until 1988. We really didn't start "discovering" exoplanets until after 2000.

Better off reading wikipedia articles. This video is highly suspicious.



*That we've found so far.

Yes, in fact Kepler only has a limited area of the sky it's observing. There might be exoplanets much much closer that are outside of that area.

The audio was really bad but the information was really interesting.

Do we know for sure that any of them is more habitable than Venus? (Can't quite watch a video now, if the answer is in it I'll definitely do.)

With our current or even predicted technology (i.e. no FTL), we basically would have solved the "living in space indefinitively" problem first.

So even a Venus like planet would be an very interesting target, flush with easily extractible resources.

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