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I was scrolling through and thinking of RPS exactly. Very interesting post.

I once played my younger brother to 50 wins (whoever got there first was the unquestioned champion of RPS). It got very, very meta and there was drama in every round. We would pace around planning the next move and then meet up and shoot. An unexpected outcome after that much planning and pressure created some hilarity.

Long story short, I beat him 50-28, so I do feel I was out leveling/reading him to some degree. Maybe some obvious pattern I picked up on but didn't notice.

Ps, we were both adults. Great game though.

My brother and I would play a variation of rock, paper, scissors, where, prior to making a play, you'd have to tell the other person what you would play though lying was acceptable. We felt like it added a psychological dimension to the game - but I'm not really sure how it affected play. Neither of us could reliably detect when the other was lying.

I feel like this could be the basis of an interesting, what, Comedy Central show maybe? Get two semi-famous people together every week. Have them play RPS to 10 or 20 wins. Just enough to get to the meta mind games and drama but not long enough to drag on.

Maybe design some kind of goofy little arena for them. Let them dress up in costumes. Put some medium stakes charity donation on the line. An announcer and color commentator calling the match.

I wanna see Ken Jennings take on Annie Duke. Dennis Rodman battle Sebastian Bach.

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