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>Car manufacturers also lack the ability to issue Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates, which is another strong limitation in developing and deploying new features.

I am actually very happy about this. I want definite times (ie after servicing) that my car is going to change algorithms, not whenever the car company decides.

In addition, I think this is a very large potential security hole.

I’ve seen it pointed out in the case of Tesla’s OTAs, for instance, drivers may get used to the behavior of Autopilot for their car in a certain segment of road and then have an OTA change that behavior without much warning.

(Of course, there are trade-offs here in that OTAs could also bring important safety functionality, such as Tesla’s fix for braking distance on the Model 3.)

That's what emergency recalls are for. It has the benefit of making it very clear to the owner that something in the vehicle is changing because you have to physically bring it to the shop. Not that it can't be solved by software, but it's not solved well today.

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