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> Really kid.


> https://encrypted-dns.org .. setup dns correctly, teach your friends and colleagues to do it

Gosh, I had no idea it was this simple. Let me get onto the job of teaching the entire world something immediately! We should also tell all the folks at the IETF and the EFF that we've solved the privacy problem!

> Google is the bad guy, and Cloudflare is on their way to that realm

Repeating this still doesn't make it so.

Excellent. Now tell me, what is your financial situation? This property is a prime piece of New York manhattan, bridging New York's best burroughs. It has several rooms, some hidden doors which the kids will love, and you can't beat the commute. You can walk to either Manhattan or Brooklyn in 20 minutes. It even has beach front access and a diving board!

Now tell me your financial status and your credit rating. Actually, I'll just ask Google, they already know.

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