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In #ffmpeg on freenode:

(09:50:48 PM) sjuxax: Guy on HN said this: "ffmpeg only has a working webm decoder. xvp8 (the x264-based encoder) hasn't been touched for a few months and is basically vaporware"

(09:50:50 PM) sjuxax: true?


(09:52:34 PM) Dark_Shikari: not quite true

(09:52:42 PM) Dark_Shikari: close, but not quite.

(09:52:58 PM) Dark_Shikari: 1) the github tree hasn't been updated

(09:53:05 PM) Dark_Shikari: there is more stuff that isn't in the tree yet

(09:53:13 PM) Dark_Shikari: 2) Ronald is dealing with his first baby boy, give him some slack

(09:53:20 PM) Dark_Shikari: 3) Google just hired him full-time for a year to work solely on xvp8

and later on...

(10:12:27 PM) Dark_Shikari: tl;dr: it's kinda vaporware, there's a bit of work done, but it will stop being vaporware in march when Ronald goes to work for Google.

Assuming you're sjuxax, thank you for the research! I think a lot of us sometimes forget how simple it is to go to the primary sources in cases like this.

As much as google can seem pretty sinister these days, it's reassuring that their strategy for implementing a video decoder is "hire the dev on the leading open source project for a year."

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