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Ask HN: What's the fastest way to get updated on what's trending on Hacker News?
14 points by SkyTreasure 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments
I want to know apart from visiting the website quite often is there any other way to consume hacker news data as and when new things are up?

Is there any app recommendations which does help in this process?

Use hckrnews.com.

It lists entries in a chronological view and let's you filter it by top 10/20/50%/frontpage/all. I've been using it as default HN client for years now and really recommend it.

This, since discovering it I've only browsed HN by using it.

I second this, it's been a very useful frontend for me for quite a while now.

That nice alternative will check it out. Filter is pretty useful.

Interesting, thanks for sharing..

I consume HN almost exclusively through RSS. hnrss.org offers many options for customizing your feed, including whether you want to link to the linked website or the comments page and many others...

On a sort of similar but different note, does anyone know of a way to get a notification if someone replies to a comment I posted?

I created an IFTTT workflow. Whenever there is a post that's gaining traction on Hackernews I get a notification on my Slack. I use some Slack features to remind me of it later if i am busy, also Pin somethings or Star.

I was looking for something like this. Any idea whether IFTTT expose some api where i can create custom hooks for some other personal applications may be like android app?

Not sure about the API, I just used whatever was currently available. I am sure there might be someplace on IFTTTs api - https://platform.ifttt.com/docs this may be a good place to start.

How do you define "gaining traction"?

TLDR: Its a mystery to me. I don’t know where HN is sending this from!

This is how my workflow looks like if ‘top story on HN’ then ‘slack me’ Now when I created this workflow, I was expecting to get results when something hits the front page-top news but what I saw was—it giving me news with even 2 upvotes sometimes and that thing wasn’t even there on the first page. Honestly it’s a mystery to me. In fact I even tried comparing ‘new section’ with the results I was receiving and they didn’t match! You can check this on IFTTT hackernews just select top news when creating your workflow. Also what I realized was these news hit the top section a while later the notifications-not all but a lot.

I've been thinking of trying to hook up a neural network for this that could send me summaries of what I tell it I'm interested in but also what it 'thinks' that I might be interested in.

That would be amazing, to get a summary of each article in the top trending 30.

Just the normal RSS feed on my rss reader

hckrnews: https://hckrnews.com

If you use Telegram, subscribe to the Hacker News Feed channel (top stories with 100+ points). [1]

[1]: https://t.me/hacker_news_feed

This looks amazing. Nice share.

hnrss.org with a filter for points.


I read the newest posts as they reach 500 upvotes delivered to my RSS reader (feedbin).


Nice, though throwing a little context along with the url wouldn't hurt. For those that haven't opened the url yet, it's a list of "trending" HN topics for the last 8, 16 or 24 hours.

Is it only using hacker news as a source, or other sites too? I only saw HN links, but I didn't look at them all.

What is that?

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