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study things that aren't trends / frameworks if you don't want to follow the latest trends.

learn stan (still relevant technology despite being one of the oldest in its domain). learn image processing. learn database administration.

“Database Administration” is a bullet point for most companies not a complete job. Specializing in it definitely doesn’t give you the optionality of a wider range skillset like a developer who also knows about database administration.

How many companies need someone who specializes in “image processing”? Soon, if it’s not already a commodity library that any company can leverage.

not many companies, but the hiring pool is also much smaller.

If you want to be a general hire, then you will suffer competing with generalists (this is not a bad thing just a different strategy). You can choose to become an expert on a general skill (or trendy framework). This is useful and highly marketable, but your competition pool is also larger and the technology is still likely to dissolve over time.

Also, for DBA , I think i'm internally thinking Data Engineering instead. I perhaps misspoke by title.

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