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> At least for me that's the only reason I use Uber. If they are, as they claim, just a lead-gen platform, I'd rather call a taxi. At least taxis are legally bound to provide me a certain level of service.

Most of us don’t have such great experiences with taxis as you do. “Legally bound” still leaves a lot of wiggle room for really crappy experiences.

> Most of us don’t have such great experiences with taxis as you do.

What kind of negative experiences did you have with taxis that you didn’t get with the ride hailing apps?

The usual: being taken for a ride (literally), not showing up for a pickup, broken credit card readers. American taxis are just horrid. Not as bad as SE Asia, but nowhere near Europe or other developed country standards.

Not to mention that it's much harder to enforce something that's legally bound. If they give you a crappy experience, the only way you can do anything about it is by reporting it to the government (suing them?) which is usually a painful process. And if your case is even heard, you'll need evidence proving it.

As opposed to the unregulated jungle of Uber, where you can legally pound sand. How is the unregulated market better?

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