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Serious question - Do we have the capability to send human life there now?

Obviously its going to be a one way trip. And it would require a generational ship.

So could we build a ship that held 12 people initially, 6 couples, all who were allowed to have 2 children, so 24 people max, and could we load it with enough supplies to last over 100 years?

Even if the group that eventually arrived had no way to sustain life, and they just went there for a quick swim before dying... is it possible?

We don't have the capability to send anything there now. Sending even a tiny probe that is capable of communicating back to Earth from our closest stellar neighbor is beyond our current technology. People are actively working on it, but it's unlikely that we will have the technology to even send an unmanned probe to this star within our lifetimes. We might send a probe to Alpha Centauri, but it's even questionable whether it will be fast enough to arrive within our lifetimes.

Project Orion - riding nuke explosions - using existing tech/materials and those 100K nukes that both sides had at the peak of the Cold War would bring a 30K ton ship to the 5-10% of c. Curiously, getting all that 100K+ ton of hardware to LEO where one can finally start exploding the nukes seems to be more complicated task right now.

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