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Converting out to fiat is completely doable. People in countries where their own currency is experiencing issues make it work. Of course, ideally, ACH reversals couldn't be done without your permission.

Sure, it can, theoretically, work. But this isn't a reasonable thing for folks to do, at least not with a stable currency. Might as well get paid in gift cards. Theoretically, you can sell them for something more useful too.

It's more than theoretical. People in Argentina, Venezuela, etc. do it regularly. If you got paid like that regularly you would just setup automated transfers and it would be largely invisible to the individual.

Since ACH reversals happen so rarely in the US and since the US dollar is stable there is not much incentive to get paid in crypto. Also, there are disincentives, since the US taxes it as property. I'm definitely not arguing that. Only pointing out that what a pain ACH reversals are when they do happen and how crypto doesn't have that problem. Make crypto more stable or easier to convert from/to fiat and I think more people would opt to get paid in it rather than the current direct deposit ACH structure.

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