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I can outline my rough budget. Rent is roughly $2400, recurring charges and utilities is roughly $200, and then other expenses and "fun" is about $1200. Luckily all 3 meals are paid for from my employer 5 days a week.

Once all is said and done (all stock accounted for and distributed on a weekly basis rather than on the vesting cycle) and the expenses above are taken out, there's ~11k left over a month. This is post tax.

You have more leftover than I make as a senior software engineer at a unicorn startup in Palo Alto.

lol FML...

I cut my total comp in half to move to a startup. That's just the price you pay. If you've worked in both environments, you know what you prefer. I don't think I'd go back to the other one.

The only thing I miss is that there's a lot of diversity in bigger companies you don't find in startups. Here, everyone is like me :D

I wasn't taking an option. I just never got an offer from a public tech company. Not from a lack of trying - mind you!

I'm pretty confident if I was making 2-3x what I am now - I would stay with that. As it stands - I cannot afford to continue living in silicon valley on this current salary.

How many square feet do you get to yourself for that rent, and how many roommates to share with?

For that rent and utilities - I presume he lives alone unless he's in a luxury apartment. There are studios and 1-bedrooms for that price even in SF.

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