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I suspect it's because he works for Stripe now, which handles the electronic transfer of monies. Therefore, Stripe would have to know about Regulation E to be able to operate effectively in that space.

It has been my experience that when working at a company, even if you didn't know or care about the industry/field that company does business in before starting there, you can't help but learn the ins and outs of that field or industry while working there, to at least a partial degree. The particulars of that field will necessarily influence business operations, and therefore, what you do in that company in some form or another. How much one absorbs, and how much he is aware of this will depend on both the individual and the duties of his position, and whether this comes from deliberate training or cultural osmosis. But I don't think that a person could remain completely ignorant of the particulars of an industry after being employed by a company in that space.

That's my theory, anyway. Watch Patrick prove me wrong by describing how he came into knowledge of Regulation E by some other path than training or cultural osmosis while working at Stripe

While that was a high percentage guess, and I have learned a lot at Stripe, I have pre-existing comparative advantage on this topic as a result of Ctrl-F “weird hobby”: https://www.kalzumeus.com/2017/09/09/identity-theft-credit-r...

Not sure I'm correctly parsing "high percentage guess", but nonetheless, after clicking through that link, I feel like a derp, because I'm pretty sure I'd read it before and should have thought of it, but didn't. Oh well.

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