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I just left a 4am part time delivery job. The constant interruption and sitting then walking then sitting was hurting me more than daily half marathon or power tools injuries + full time car repair work. And it's slightly below minimum wage. So your health is torn, and you're not even able to plan long term because you earn so few. I can quit (it was a planned interim thing) but my colleagues can not. And they have two jobs.

Since that, I consider any job with a desk a god damn luxury. Bonus point: you have your own toilets.

Right, but the point was, day trading isn't a "job" -- a day on the tough job you described would never end with you needing to write a check to your employer.

Isn't it just a matter of discipline to avoid too large losses ?

Even if you can avoid too large losses, you can't avoid the possibility of lots of little losses.

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