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Show HN: A platform to share your side project (sideprojects.net)
53 points by sakofchit 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments

The readme says that 'for profit' projects aren't allowed. Side projects can't be created for the purpose of making money? I'm not sure I understand the purpose of that restriction...

Other than that, looks awesome

Thanks! There's definitely no problem with making a bit of money through a side project. Perhaps I worded it poorly, but that restriction was put in place to prevent companies/established organizations from posting their products on the platform as the site is meant for individuals to post their side projects. I'll rephrase it, thanks for pointing it out.

Working on a side project is something a lot of us share. Whether it’s an open source resource, a blog, etc., all ideas, as crazy as they are, have some sort of potential. Yet one thing I've realized is that there's really no organized service that's designed to allow you to share side projects and to garner feedback on them.

That’s what sideprojects.net is. It’s a platform where you can share your side projects and get feedback, ideas, and even support on them. It’s 100% free to use as well :)

This is a great explanation and should be displayed somewhere on the site.

@sakofchit just browsing from my phone but this seems like it's using the Telescope platform (though I believe the name has since changed). Is it? I had plans to use that to launch several side-projects back in college but felt like practicing and working on rolling my own... Been busy with life and work since so I have yet to truly launch anything.. ^.^'

It's VulcanJS now, but yeah I've forked it and have been working on it to make it look/function better. Definitely a great framework to work with :)

I don't normally suggest things.. but this immediately screamed at me going to the 'video' category..

I'd suggest if there aren't any posts for a given day, don't show it, so only days with posts are displayed. And also, then populating a page (pagination-wise) with X-amount of posts, rather than X amount of days, just to give a more consistent experience between pages :)

Other than that, seems like a great idea :)

Also, I tried clicking on one of the projects and got a 404: https://sideprojects.net/out?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.producthu...

Correction: if I click on _any_ link to go to a project, I get a 302, which doesn't redirect, with the text:

Not Found!

We're sorry; whatever you were looking for isn't here..

It appears to be a problem with Firefox and I'm yet to figure out what's causing it since it works on my local environment fine. Try using a different browser

Ah okay, cool. cheers :)

Sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

Great project! there's definitely some interesting things to explore here.

I had an issue though, I clicked the top link on:


to visit the site and it takes me to


which is 404. hope it's a quick fix :)

Have you listed this as your own side project on there? ;)

Yep, it's an issue with Firefox unfortunately. It'll work fine on any other browser. I still haven't been able to pinpoint what's causing it since it works perfectly fine on my local environment :(.

Haha, yeah I should probably post sideprojects.net on it as well :P

Whenever I click on a project, it leads to a page that says 'Not Found'. It looks like the redirect is not working properly.

It's an issue with Firefox, try it with another browser for now.

Great Job Sakun! For those of you who don't know, this maker is only 18! (Source: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/sideprojects)

Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much!!

Where do you source these projects from? Where did you find your first users? And how do you keep spammers at bay?

Great question. This is a platform where users post their side projects. They aren't being pulled from anywhere.

The first few users came from a public test on reddit as I wanted to see if this would be something that people could see themselves using. The responses I got were positive, so I went ahead and posted the website on several different (relevant) subreddits before launching on ProductHunt on September 2nd.

I haven't had much of a spammer problem (yet), but there is a spam filter and a cool-down preventing you from posting too much at once.

Nice idea, I hope it does well.


Just posted! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Thanks for posting it!

I thought side projects were shared on GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket...

It's hard to discover them, plus not everyone wants to make their side projects open sourced :)

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