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So you think that making a record of the president's public communications is a bad thing? Sure it was spawned by a typo (granted one that was part of an unprofessional and childish rant), but the core idea of extending official communications new forms of broadcast, and recording those official communications seems like a good one to me. What's the counter besides "it was the result of my leader acting like a child"?

Agreed. If the President... uhh... "tweets", then it should be preserved.

This is also why the President should not tweet.

The post is not about the typo itself.

"The Dems have fucking lost it" is not proper HN etiquette, at least on my book.

1. I think they have a little more to complain about than a typo, and subsequent response.

2. Did you read the article? The name of the act is just a silly prod. The act would have the law treat the President's personal social media accounts (ie @RealDonaldTrump) the same way as official social media accounts (ie @POTUS)

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