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I don't think it's practical to lug around 2 or 3 boosters. Possible, yes, but a terrible user experience.

If you have 2 or 3 kids, sure, that would suck. Anyways, it is a relevant strategy for us (one kid) when we visit China and a car rental isn’t possible. Of course, they don’t have child seat laws anyways, but that option doesn’t sit well with the wife.

Roughly speaking, the average family has to have about 2 kids or more (to make up for people who choose not to have children).

So the situation of having 2 kids is pretty typical.

The average is 1.9. You are supposed to space them out a bit, however. Also, 20%of all kids are only children, big cities one child is more common (Seattle its 47%).

That's the average per woman, not the average per family (which wouldn't include independent, childless single people).

You can - if the kids carry them. After about 5yo, sufficiently motivated/trained kids can do this.

It's still a pain.

Sounds like a way to build character :) though I can imagine what my now 2 year old would do with that.

He prefers the bus anyways. No need for any seat belt at all.

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