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Show HN: Jupiter and Its 79 Moons (typpo.github.io)
27 points by typpo 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Fantastic. Starred.

Could the library that built this (https://typpo.github.io/spacekit/ / https://github.com/typpo/spacekit) be used to replace https://eyes.nasa.gov?

Application ideas: Wikipedia could embed something like this in astronomy pages. Or other way around, wikipedia could be integrated into the app itself if something is clicked on, a wikipedia entry comes up. Or a sidebar with artifacts in the solar system with a search+autocomplete, and clicking it zooms to it+brings up info.

So many possibilities my man. It's also smooth at the fastest speed.

TypeScript is amazing by the way. If you started it, I think you're a potential candidate to feel the benefits of it with spacekit.

the wikipedia pages for moons of jupiter and saturn are quite thorough:


Zooming out in this visualization and changing the view angle a bit really helps to understand how jupiter sort of functions like a solar system vacuum cleaner, grabbing up loose objects that on multi-million year time scales happen to cross its orbit.

How can I detect collision between different objects and is there any way to add custom sprites or svg elements?

Any explanation for the huge gap beyond Callisto?

79? Dammit Jupiter stop hogging all the moons.

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