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>on the side note it looks like that is the deputy editor of the bbc.com travel section https://twitter.com/collectingmiles nothing wrong with promoting your teams work I guess, even if you do so silently

I don't know.

I understand (and it is fine with me personally) that someone wants to promote her own team (silently or vocally), but why every other article has its title changed (to a possibly more click-baity one)?

I could understand if the poster was not part of the team, but if she is, either respect the original title the author (or editor) published or have it changed on bbc.com.

ah I see, yeah that annoys me too

it just seems to be the way the bbc do things, the "Rare ingredient..." title is on the main page http://www.bbc.com/travel/columns/food-hospitality, in fact that whole page is massively click-baity compared to the actual article titles

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