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The point of the article is to dissuade people from pursuing careers in day trading based on marketing that it's an easy way to earn money (from people whose business is selling instructional materials... not day trading). If there were lots of people selling courses on "Become a WTA Tour Player, make millions winning tennis tournaments!" the same type of paper might be warranted for tennis playing.

On a high level I agree. The way I see it, "impossible" is the wrong label. What you must do, though, is have a rational basis to believe you're in (making up a number) the top 0.01% of people skilled in that area. If that's true, then it might be a reasonable plan. For the other 99.99%, it's a bad plan.

And when I say rational basis, that's its own challenge. There is a huge potential for emotional thinking disguised as rational and for self-delusion. Everyone wants to believe they are the top 0.01%, and most of them are wrong.

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