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I don't know, we didn't bully kids that didn't have a Nintendo/Sega/Playstation growing up, I'm not sure this is too much different. My son is 9 and wants a phone. He has a tablet. The only reason he can articulate for wanting a phone is that many of his friends have one, which is not a great reason. He has a specialized kids watch that is a phone, so he's covered on the "contact parents" front. Otherwise, he's never said anything about getting made fun of on the issue, and he's been plenty upfront when anything like getting made fun of or bullying has been an issue in the past.

It's not about having the device, it's about the social apps/internet culture that goes with it. Arguably the most popular content for kids last year was Fortnite YouTubers, even just being left out of that.. it's difficult to fit in when you have no connection to what's being talked about.

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