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I'm definitely not, I wonder if you know any lefties at all.

At the moment, compare the headlines, lead stories on the Telegraph to the Guardian. Here's the Telegraph:

Backlash as No 10 questions impartiality of Scottish judges

The Scottish court prorogation ruling shows the anti-Brexit Establishment is hard at work

Remainers are confirming Leave voters' worst fears by trying to litigate Brexit to death

None of that is impartial, it's all highly emotive and extremely biased. The Telegraph is sounding more and more like a hard-right red top.

Compare that to the Guardian right now:

No 10 resists demands to recall parliament after Scottish prorogation ruling

Scottish court ruling: what happens next in prorogation dispute

Nigel Farage 'won't be allowed anywhere near government', say Tories

All unbiased, fact based, impartial.

Well if you're going to take your headlines from the comment section of the Telegraph, but the news section of the Guardian, then of course they look partial. How about these other headlines from the current Guardian? "Tom Watson is wrong. We need an election first – and then a second referendum" "'People's PMQs': just more trolling from PM Smirky McSmirkface" "Boris Johnson and the crown: a clear abuse of power"

And anyway, my point was that you get a greater range of opinion in the Telegraph than the Guardian. Plus, just because you disagree with something - i.e. Brexit in this case - doesn't mean that the people you disagree with are hard-right or hard anything.

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