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Correct, and the statement "it is impossible to become rich by playing the lottery" is absurd. It's part of an annoying tendency to conflate "extremely low probability of success" with "impossible".

Is that the original goalpost? Because I'd say it is impossible to make a living playing the lottery. To make a living doing something, it needs to provide enough positive cash flow.

It's the goalpost of the post I was responding to. I may have misunderstood the point, though.

Ignore the link text here. They’re saying it’s “virtually impossible”, which would be true of the lottery as well.

I'm on the fence about whether adding the weasel word "virtually" is any better.

I think the term "for a living" is more important.

How would you interpret the phrase "It's impossible for an individual to play the lottery for a living"?

Technically we both know it IS possible, technically. But in the real world? I don't know, but I wouldn't be suggesting anyone out there try make a living playing the lotto.

It’s not a weasel word. A weasel word is used to mask a lack of sources or data, that’s not the case here.

Yes, the title should have been something like "impossible for an individual to day trade stocks for a consistently reliable living".

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