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> Most recently it was throttling on a X220, fixed by swapping to a redesigned fan/heatsink.

Personally I believe the major source of heat of the X220 comes from the Sandy Bridge processor. The next-gen Ivy Bridge in X230 has almost no performance gain, but reduces heat dissipation significantly (ironically, Ivy Bridge is also the turning point when Intel started to use crappy thermal paste in the desktop CPU packaging, leading to thermal issues...).

I own both machines and the difference is great. Also, two of my X220s from different sources all suffer with random shutdown issues, I suspect the source is the cold solder joints under the power MOSFET or a defective one (saw a troubleshoot post of a similar issue in a fourm), but it's BGA, so...

Anyway, that's why I recommend everyone who wants a X220 to get a X230. You can even replace the motherboard and the bottom case to "upgrade" the X220 to X230.

> the heatsink from the x230 can be fitted to a x220.

I believe it's virtually identical. I never heard about the X230 heatsink performs better, perhaps it's the case, I may give it a try someday...

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