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am I correct in thinking that some things you don't sell to outsiders? For security reasons at least...stock markets are pretty much everything in a modern economy.

In the UK even nuclear powerstations are outsourced to French and Chinese state owned companies

Only French state owned.

There are 8 nuclear powerstations currently operating in the UK, and they are all owned and managed by EDF Energy, the UK subsidiary of the French state owned EDF.

Obviously there is a large difference between French and Chinese state owned companies

One would assume that after having fought 2 world wars on the same side, despite the banter, France and the UK should be seen as allies and friends.

If you look at the history of the London Stock Exchange Group it's far from being British already - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Stock_Exchange_Group

Nasdaq runs/operates something like over 70 exchanges world wide selling "exchange technology" to nation states.

Countries have bespoke rules as to how they utilize outside help, everything from merely purchasing the source code and running & operating themselves to fully outsourcing everything.

Outside of US equities, most other worldwide markets are pretty tiny as far as transaction volume goes.

It's Brexit Britain, everything is up for sale.

It's not for sale: "The unsolicited approach".

Most stock exchanges are owned by some "outsider" publicly traded company. The London Stock Exchange owns the Milan Stock Exchange for example.

As far as stock exchange companies go, they’re fairly well concentrated in the UK.

Meanwhile the NYSE is owned by ICE with tons of EU operations after buying Euronext (ie: Paris and Amsterdam to name 2).

Nasdaq owns a bunch of Baltic and Scandinavian exchanges.

The Boursa Italia isn’t exactly a juggernaut in EU/world terms.

And there’s lots of exchanges for Italian companies to list on if they want good access to their shares (e.g. Ferrari cross listed in NY).

more precisely, I think, the London Stock Exchange Group born of the fusion of Milan (28%) and London(72%) owns the London Stock Exchange, and Milan Stock Exchange.

that ship sailed in the thatcher era

Absolutely, Thatcher taught us that any money is good regardless of its origin. Long term consequences be dammed.

Exchanges are largely publicly traded and thus owned by large swaths of individuals, not nation states (though Hong Kong & China are different).

For euro based exchanges the ship has largely sailed even with where their corporate parents are based with giant impactful exchanges like Liffe being owned by external companies.

That is true for most countries, but as you realize that there a limitations to your capacity, self-imposed or otherwise, you are bound to send production to another country, often an 'ally' nation.

True, I should have said major countries. A small country has no chance, they best hope to chose the least worst partner /patron. But USA, UK, Germany, France etc can handle stock exchanges just fine without any HK (Chinese?) money /influence.

Not at all, it's par for the course for a country's government to review such a deal, some pass and some don't.

Recently (2016) in the UK SoftBank's acquisition of Arm was at least somewhat controversially approved; it was by no means a done deal just because SB offered and shareholders agreed.

HKEX bought Londom Commodities Exchange a couple of years ago.

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