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Well, sometimes the Beeb's gov status is a protection, though. The Guardian can be more or less shut down by imperium, as a private company in this weird kingdom, and its employees can be sued into oblivion; the BBC works under different rules. After the Kelly affair, for example, the head was forced out, but as far as I know actual reporters were not touched. Compared with barging into an office and literally smashing all tools, it's easy-going.

It is true that this situation comes at a cost, every government leans somewhat on its news desk (particularly on political issues), but in many ways that's actually easy to discount.

A protection from some things but not others. Since 2016 the editorial direction of the BBC is set by a board of 13, where 11 are appointed by the government: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/mar/13/government-cho...

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