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Almost 100%.

I'm always pleasantly surprised when some outlet does seem understand the GDPR, or at least not weasel their way out of it in a most obvious manner.

Following a link to theatlantic.com just a few hours go was such a pleasant surprise.

What's more: I noticed I trusted the reporting more. If an outlet can't or won't understand the GDPR, why should I trust their journalism?

It also made me wonder why, apart from non-deceptive "I accept" and "I do not accept" options, there was a "Set my preferences" option. Turns out they also offer cookie tracking without 3rd parties, which is fair enough, I guess.

The bottom line is that it's a sad affair that transparency and clarity are not a given for serious news outlets and protecting their readers' privacy is very much seen as optional.

It's nice to see some--if few, do try to make an effort. I hope the effort is enough to give them a competitive edge, at least until the various enforcing agencies get around to weeding out the non-compliant ones.

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