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Lately it’s also been feeling obvious & creepy how much The Guardian just runs second rate knock off stories that NY Times runs first, even regarding British or European news. Not headline stories that many newspapers would plausibly cover, but even many far lesser stories, entertainment or sports, pop culture, etc.

The big exceptions are major Brexit stories, but that’s about it.

> The big exceptions are major Brexit stories, but that’s about it.

George Monbiot [0] would disagree with you.

[0] https://www.theguardian.com/profile/georgemonbiot

To me that’s just an eyeroll sort of thing. It’s funny because I actually agree pretty significantly with his politics and a lot of his writing, but find the writing itself to be bad, especially at ever seeming fair or balanced, like an even more self-righteous Krugman. I first heard of Monbiot because Radiohead’s lead singer, Thom Yorke, apparently knows him and somewhat promotes his writing. At any rate, no, Monbiot pieces would definitely not be a dent in what I am saying (for me anyway).

Your politics are showing. The point is that Monbiot pieces aren't NYT knockoffs, not that Monbiot pieces are "fair and balanced" (a marketing blurb created by Fox News.)

What a weird comment. My politics really align closely with Monbiot. But I’m sorry, his pieces seriously are just a knock off Krugman from NYT.

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