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Surely "nonchuffed"? "Dischuffed" suggests that they had been previously chuffed with the Guardian.

Hmm, dischuffed has always seemed to be used simply for unhappy. Superlative Antonym: Chuffed to little mint balls.

You raise an interesting point which I shall have to ponder.

But can't I be disappointed by a particular movie, without being previously ... appointed ... by another from the same fim maker?

I'm pondering this too, and I'm willing to be wrong on it, but I would have said that you can't be disappointed by a movie without having had some sort of raised expectation about it. If you thought it would be rubbish you wouldn't be disappointed.

"Dis" always suggests to me some sort of removal, rather than just the absence of.

My dislike of mornings does not, I hope, suggest I ever liked them. A disability isn't always an ability that's lost. etc.

So many exceptions, I sometimes wonder how others ever end up learning good English. :)

The dis- prefix just means "not". https://www.etymonline.com/word/dis-

The link you posted starts by giving three definitions, only one of which corresponds with "not". Maybe you meant to post a different link?

It adequately demonstrates that “dis-” does not necessarily imply anything more than “not”, which is all the weight it needs to carry in this discussion about whether “dischuffed” must, because of the prefix, mean “formerly chuffed but no longer”, instead of merely “not chuffed”.

I don't find that 'dissatisfied' or 'discontent' imply a previous satisfaction or contentment.


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