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The same issue if you are near Canada border in Michigan. Specifically along the lake north of Port Huron. (Lakeport State Park etc).

Every time we go to that area my phone is “hijacked” by Rogers or Telus. And I can’t get the phone to stay with AT&T. Then ATT will start informing us we are on international roaming.

I’ve explained to ATT many times we are in Michigan. No dice. So we just switch to airport until we get back to Port Huron.

Can’t understand how ATT is overpowered by Canadian cell services which is across the lake!

But no issues when I’m in Port Huron and Canada is across the river!

I kinda always wondered how that worked. I wonder if people near the border call 911 and get Canadian dispatchers... Hopefully there is a protocol though for both sides of borders to transfer to the right agency in case of a emergency of some sorts.

I have a prepaid plan so no roaming for me... but some day I’ll get a actual plan but it’s nice to save money, but have to ration data but have WiFi most of the time. But sounds like if lived in a border town I might be stuck getting a better plan if it wants to roam even while still at home. If I went to more places instead of being home on WiFi mostly or traveled a bunch definitely upgrading. Kinda undecided on what carrier yet but much more choices than when I got my first phone in middle school and kept the same number since.

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