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Not a down-voter myself, but the statement made needs more elaboration, because at first glance it makes it sound like there is a security issue with the site, when it is more likely to be an issue with the password manager.

No, it doesn't. Because web sites aren't involved in how your password managers works.

Best guess: the password manager cannot match the title or URL to any of your password entries and now offers you to pick the right one.

Screaming murder doesn't make your comments any more credible or valuable.

What a Firefox plugin does on a computer has little to do with "How UK security services neutralised the Guardian newspaper" and distracts the discussion. It get boring reading about popups, font-choices, a website not working in Opera 9, auto-playing videos, paywalls. What I've witnessed (I didn't downvote) is as soon as such off-article-topic goes to 5+ comments or half the comment thread it gets downvoted.

You have been experiencing the downvote culture that developed recently on HN.

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