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It partly depends on how "world" is defined, but generally: no. No one has come up with a way to test it against other interpretations (or indeed any interpretation against any other, with the possible exception of dynamical collapse models).

I had a discussion with someone on HN about this a while ago and realised that "world" or "split" isn't necessarily synonymous with "superposition". Rather, I believe that a split occurs when the superposition entangles with the environment and causes sufficient decoherence that there is negligible probability of (measurable) interference.

In principle you could imagine a thought experiment where you had a super-powered quantum machine which finely could control the quantum state of a large, isolated room. In that situation you could imagine someone in the room conducting an electron spin measurement and looking at the outcome, before the machine enacts a reversal of the room's quantum wave-function, thus causing the two copies of the person to interfere. If we ever reach that level of technology, it will be fascinating to see how the interpretation debate progresses.

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