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Why? My father had a Le Car (aka Renault 5) and I don't remember any major problems with it.

n=1, may I introduce a different n=1?

I'm not trying to disprove their experiences, I'm genuinely wondering what problems the car had.

It wasn't that the car had problems per se, it was just that it was so obvious that they had taken cost cutting a touch too far. The manual choke was a good example, you had to remember to engage it before starting the car and gradually turn it off. The tires were held on with only 3 lug nuts. The exhaust manifold came out through the wheel well, which eventually destroyed my car - it developed a leak and started the rustproofing material on fire.

Thanks! I was probably too young to grasp those annoyances, and the car was destroyed in an accident, not by old age.

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