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Looked at FDB but was instantly thrown off seeing 180ms to Ireland... What do these numbers represent? Is that a single ping, read, write or something else? https://app.fauna.com/status

It's the write transaction latency from that region. Fauna is a global database and data always commits to multiple global regions for durability.

As you can see, the write latency is pretty consistent regardless of source region, unlike databases like Mongo that are homed in a single location and fast from nearby but slower and slower the farther away the client application is.

Mongo addresses this with partitioning and you can distribute partitions which serve local client applications anywhere. The database as a service for Mongo supports 66 regions across AWS, Azure, and GCP so write latency (regardless of where the client application is) doesn't become an issue.

It's absolutely an issue when multiple applications or users write to the same data from different locations, or when users move around.

If the application only lives in one place you are paying for the latency to reach the application from the remote client in the first place, even if the latency from the app to the database is "fast".

FaunaDB gives you local-latency reads and minimum global write latency from everywhere.

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