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Another recommendation: I've been happy so far with my newish LG Gram. There are some Linux-related issues on some models, but we've found workarounds for it and compatibility is pretty solid now.

I've been looking at the Gram, the 17 looks like a pretty nice machine for a decent price, and going on sale regularly now with the newer i7s out. Worried about the quality though, and that it'll have similar problems to what the Lenovos and other ultralights seem to have.

I use mine primarily for software development and systems administration, and I'm not super picky about things like graphics and audio, so as far as those things go, I can't say much that would be helpful. Nor have I been running it long enough to expose the kind of defects that started this whole thread.

Overall though, the laptop feels well built. I like the key action (but personal preference). The hinge seems to be well made. Nothing flexes when opening or closing it. The screen, to my eyes, is fantastic, and with the Celicious anti-glare film on it, it works well in daylight.

It's wicked light. I don't love ultralight laptops and originally was trying to avoid them, but this one has almost all the ports I want (except for a mmc instead of sd card slot) and appears to be more serviceable than most modern non-ultralight laptops. One of the things I looked for was a user-replaceable battery, and surprisingly, this one should be. We'll see how much it actually sucks to replace in a couple of years.

If you try to run any Linux on the Gram 17, you will need the info at https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=203617

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