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I live in Victoria BC. Tons of immigrants, most are ESL, no issues. Definitely not one of Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton. Where are the issues exactly? Because I've lived in quite a few places here and don't know what you're talking about.

A city (town?) with many ferries a day going between it and Vancouver is not a typical rural Canadian location.

Even without the proximity to Vancouver, Victoria is hardly rural. It's a small to medium city of around 350k people, as well as being the capital city of BC. The west coast in general is also quite a small-L liberal place. So to answer the parent's question, you would expect to find more intolerance in smaller towns in the interior and the north.

This was all in response to being outside the big 5 being terrible for immigrants, which is clearly wrong.

People go to Vancouver relatively infrequently. It's a hour and 45 minute ferry ride, but then there's basically an hour on each side getting to the ferry plus waiting in line for the ferry(which can be a very long time if it's busy). It's not something people here do regularly. I fly elsewhere more often than I go to Vancouver.

Also lol to town.

Victoria is also surprisingly expensive relative to its size, and has comparatively few jobs.

Great place to be if you can swing it, though. Better weather than Seattle/Vancouver.

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