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Certain people are always pushing fears about immigrants but the actual experience of big immigrant nations like Australia (30% foreign born) and Canada (25%) show that immigration, including large influxes of refugees, doesn't cause social or economic problems.

I don't think that the aboriginal peoples of those countries agree.

You can't buy a quarter acre block in a major city working a low skilled, low wage single income anymore. That's a social and economic problem.

Stagnant wage growth in part driven by our immigration system is an economic and social problem.

The underclass of workers on student visas being payed below minimum wage to work at 711 or deliver uber eats is a growing social and economic problem.

Australia should serve as a warning.

Not all immigrants are equal. Obviously when they're selected for employability as professionals, the results will be good.

New Zealand once took a lot of pacific island immigrants which were needed as labor for the protected auto industry and other labor intensive jobs at the time. What we're left with now is a large underclass of people over-represented in crime, unemployment, obesity, lack of education, etc. In the long term, that wave of immigration has surely hurt the country's economy and the existing people's wellbeing.

Similar to Turks in Germany under the Gastarbeiter program.


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