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Are you in one of the major cities?

He said Vancouver below, I guess what you're insinuating that there is less acceptance and occasional vitriol in less diverse regions of Canada? I think even then Canada is broadly more accepting. At least personally, there's many anecdotes of racist incidents among my POC / immigrant friends who studied or worked in major urban centres in other western countries.

It seems pretty rare in Canada and even then those incidents were within the last few years when the overton window moved all over the west. Multiple accounts of immigrants from Asian countries who lived in Toronto 30 years+ never experienced any outward racism get told to go back to their country recently. It's pretty surreal.

I'm not insinuating that, I'm flat out stating it. I've lived in Canada in several places and the amount of overt racism outside of the major cities is shocking.


I feel most American big cities are very welcoming to immigrants too, but much less so in rural areas... Do you still feel welcomed in rural areas in Canada?

Haven’t been much, met people from the boonies and they were all friendly. Although easy in my case, nowadays you say “Italian” and mostly everyone thinks pizza-pasta-fashion-boom-done.

Also theory of my Canadian friends is that all the anger Canadians might have is taken out at the hockey ice rink!

In the end hatred comes from ignorance, big cities are better because people interact and realize humans from somewhere else are in fact still humans.

As an American living in Canada, I'd say the rural-urban divide is more-or-less the same in Canada.

It can be pretty rough in places. People seem to forget that Trailer Park Boys and Letterkenny are set in Canada. The Wolverine's (X-Men) backstory involves cage fighting in Northern Alberta -- which is absolutely truth-in-television, cuz I live in AB and damn near every oil worker is waiting for their MMA career to take off.

This carries over to immigration -- there is a lot of eye rolling and subtle dislike of the temporary foreign workers ("TFWs"). My in-laws in rural AB have, uh, strong thoughts about foreigners. Quebec is a notable difference too, as they have a reputation for not being fond of non-European, non-Francophone folks in their borders.

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