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The Truth About Electric Eels Has Long Been Overlooked (theatlantic.com)
9 points by gilad 41 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

A much better title would be "Electric eel found to be three distinct species"


3 more crazy electric eel facts [0] you may not have known, I didn't:

- "Electric eels are also capable of controlling their prey's nervous systems with their electrical abilities; by controlling their victim's nervous system and muscles via electrical pulses, they can keep prey from escaping or force it to move so they can locate its position."

- "They can also concentrate the discharge by curling up and making contact at two points along its body."

- "When agitated, they can produce these intermittent electric shocks over at least an hour without tiring."

[0] That is referring to crazy facts about electric eels, not facts about crazy electric eels.

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