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The Economic Consequences of the Peace by John Maynard Keynes, 1919 (marshlib.blogspot.com)
41 points by Osiris30 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I've just started reading A.J.P. Taylor's controversial "The Origins of the Second World War". It was published in 1961 and used the newly released records from that time. The book is controversial because it lays bare just how much of the blame for the tragedy that followed should be spread more widely than the popular myths we remember today.

Finished this book a few months ago. It strikes me how reluctant he is to blame the brits, eg saying that Benes condemned British grenadiers to die between two flicks of his cigarette, instead of the idiotic guarantee of poland itself. All in all, though, excellent revisionism.

Free to rrad online, thanks to the Internet Archive:


Do you know if it is possible to download it as an ePub file? Or anything else that is easier to read than a stupid fake page turning web page?

I'd like to read it but on my mobile or tablet while on a train or bus when I am not online.

Oops, stupid me, just had to scroll down the page to see a whole menu of alternatives.

Thanks for the link brylie!

*read (typo)

It’s curious that Keynes describes WWI as Europe’s Civil War as seen from London POV. I read one of the key drivers for the formation of a EU was to avoid future wars, but I guess a civil war is always something possible.

Europe has always been a stage for centuries of savage, vicious warfare. This culminated in WW2 after which they called off the game, realizing that the next war could wipe them out.

That, and being caught between the superpowers of the post war era.

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