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I was using Raspberry Pi 3 as my desktop (even though I have a significantly more powerful desktop "workhorse" upstairs) and it suited me just fine in most ways except when it comes to video streaming.

The Pi4 with 4G of Ram gets past that problem. And the dual monitor is great. Sure there are a lot faster systems on the planet, but I tend to use GUI as a convenient way to lay out more TUI, so the fact that there are systems with quadrupal the cores and whatever percent more speed isn't as interesting to me.

When I need more horsepower than the Pi can give, I just ssh into my Mac and thar she blows. For most of what I do, I can't really tell the speed difference despite the world of difference between them in terms of capability. The rpi boots up and logs in wayyy faster than my significantly faster (and way more memory, HD space, etc) than my Mac ever could. I feel little to no latency on startups. Obviously I can run a lot more on the Mac at one time, but we're talking about general desktop use, and I spend way more of my time on the Raspberry Pi in the living room than I do on my Mac in the den.

It's nice to have the greater resources, but it is utterly meaningless for a lot of use cases.

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