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Ask HN: Are you in the Albuquerque tech scene?
12 points by olliewagner 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
Finding peers in major cities is as easy as going to a bar, but it's much harder here in Albuquerque. I know we exist here on HN, so I wanted to see if you'd share what you do here in the comments. This could be useful so any of us could collaborate or to make it easier to hire locally.

I'll start!

Skills: UI design (ex-apple), Swift, Objective-C Website: http://olliewagner.com


You might be interested in Andrew Stone's CocoaCon mailing list, whose members have regular in-person gatherings to get help, show off projects, or talk shop.


My partner and I were just talking the other day about what it might be like to live in abq, what the major industries might be for tech, what Intel's got going on, etc.

I live in Albuquerque and work remotely as a SRE. I know a few devs that work at RSI (a consulting firm) and do contract work for the labs.

I know RSI has occasional meetups and try to get involved with the community. I haven't been, but I know they're involved with a ABQ "tech crawl" every year. It might be worth looking in to.

Is there still a hackerspace or two out there? Always liked the idea of working remote out in New Mexico

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