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GIMP (GLIMPSE?) had a number of interface and overall "jankiness" problems that, to my knowledge, it's core team never really sought to change. (I would probably have to install it again and play around with it again to have a more concrete idea of the osbtacles I remember). There was an old fork or plugin I think at one time that tried to make the interface more Photoshop-like, but I don't think it was very successful in the long run, not to say that painting apps should perfectly replicate Photoshop's interface - certainly there is room to explore potentially better alternatives. I just don't think GIMP is it.

That being said I think Krita has proven relatively successful in the domain of "open-source painting app". It has its own bits of jankiness here and there but it has grown to include a robust feature set (including some coloring tools which you won't find any analogue to in Photoshop) and has even acquired support for the G'MIC filter suite from GIMP.

As for names, sometimes people just don't know how to swallow their pride. I'm reminded of an incident with a certain Erlang package whose name had unintentionally coincided with a certain racist slur in America. When called out on this, it predictably bubbled into an argument; I think the author doubled-down on keeping the name but later just gave up and changed it to something less offensive. GIMP had the issue of people not wanting to use in the context of school computers and businesses solely because of that name, which I mean, if you refuse to do anything about that, you might have a problem.

"Krita has proven relatively successful in the domain of "open-source painting app""

Ok, but is there a good alternative to GIMP as an open source photo-editing app? Which is automatable? You use the past tense as though everyone already stopped using it.

Feel free to argue otherwise, but I think GIMP's relevance has waned over the years, which is why I speak in that "past tense" you take issue with. For what it's worth I think Krita has worth in the domain of photo manipulation as well.

Krita also has automation utilities:



I'm curious how you use GIMP and whether or not Krita would prove usable for you, i.e. if there's some critical specific functionality GIMP excels at where Krita falls behind.

I never heard of Krita before this, but my background is of being a very casual user of Photoshop which was pretty unaffordable in the 90s (other people's licenses, plus there was a "lite" version included with a scanner once) and when I first learned of GIMP, it was extremely annoying how much it tried to imitate Photoshop yet be arbitrarily different, but eventually I learned to do basic stuff in it. So now typically, I just want to resize a picture, convert the format, change the gamma, do something simple with layers, etc, and don't want to pay or learn anything new.

However, I never did learn how to script GIMP, and it seems like I will need to soon for maintaining a website, and if as I recall it has some sort of lisp like thing, I'm kind of allergic to that. I don't know python either, but it's probably more my speed.

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