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This is the way forward for service meshes. Consul connect is doing something very similar.

The early service meshes were all built on top of Kubernetes, due to the fact that k8s/etcd is an easy platform to build control planes on top of (SD, networking, etc. already done) but very few large companies are ready to move everything over to Kubernetes.

However, the one thing that every service mesh promises is that the clients don't need to do anything. Except that they do. End users need to rip out functionality that is coupled already tightly to the application, such as authentication, "smart" routing and metrics. They need to orchestrate tracing to pass on the headers (how do you know what routes in your application were bad if all you have is a black box!). It needs to play nicely with already built in enterprise wide things.

I'm not sure that I'm sold on the universal service mesh unless you have a high level of engineering talent. The benefits are immense but don't expect to see universal service meshes* running at enterprisey companies any time soon.

* Universal means the entire company is governed under a service mesh, not the POC running on 3 servers for a random team :)

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