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I hate the title of this HN post. Why? Because it forces me to click through to read which car the article is talking about.

I would have vastly preferred something like this:

"electric version of Renault's low-cost Kwid being launched now"

I know, I know... The poster simply replicated the title in the actual article. And yet, does it serve HN readers well?

Fairy godmother at your service.

You rock, as always :)

Hopefully the admins will edit it to be a little more informative and less clickbaity.

In some sense it's not worth complaining about this article because most publications seem to have a policy of omitting proper nouns from their headlines. I don't know if it's a form of clickbait or what but it sure does waste the reader's time.

Blame ads. You don't get ad revenue if the headline is replicated elsewhere and drives fewer click through; generates fewer impressions of the ads.

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