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With you up to the conspiracy theory at the end. Doesn't take a conspiracy; just a need to pay for what things are costing.

I guess in Africa we always suspicious of public officials. Agree with you, I presented no evidence on the conspiracy but we do have loads of examples of corruption at spectacular scale.

Careerism doesn't require a conspiracy

Government official salaries (and bonuses, and stipends) are costs, though.

The point I was trying to make which I didn't do so well is I might object to private companies such Apple or MS increasing prices. I can always opt out of their products. When it comes to services such as water I don't expect government to want to make a profit. I don't have an alternative water supplier. The rate at which the prices of such services is increasing is higher than the rate at which our salaries are increasing.

But at what rate is the water cost increasing? The infrastructure can be a fixed cost. With decreased consumption (grey water conservation etc), fewer are paying for the existing water. So the price goes up. That part makes some sense.

Somewhere there is balance that the city must find. I don't agree that the reward for using less water is a higher price of water.

I think you're trusting the government too much. Even if they aren't exactly making a profit, how much of that money is just being wasted due to poor planning and/or corruption?

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