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Man, I really need to keep better watch out for opinion pieces. Not that I disagree with this guy, but I'm looking for information, not moralization. Here's a NYT news article about the subject: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/04/us/politics/terrorism-wat...

I feel that as parties have learned how to abuse the "neutrality" of the media, a lot of real reporting has moved to the opinions section.

...where it mingles with content that clearly belongs in the opinion section and away from "news".

This creates a real problem - if people who want to know if any claim is TRUE rather than just hearing the claims of the various parties to a dispute, they move to these opinion sections (and opinion organizations). This gives the credibility of objective reporting to those that aren't even claiming to be objective.

I want my reporting to mention when something isn't proven...but also to not be victims of battles over the Overton window.

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