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Show HN: Understand and improve your sleep health (jointherest.com)
6 points by ruthienachmany 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Interesting. Improving sleep is something I can't recommend enough.

I don't see step #1 as "wear a sleep tracker". IMO that should be #1. I've been wearing sleep trackers since 2014 (first the MS Band, then Band 2, then Charge 2 and now Ionic after MS discontinued the band). So I have 5 years of data (approaching 2 thousand night's worth of data!), which makes analysis and recommendations and experiments far easier.

Maybe you do incorporate that later on in the flow, but I was surprised I didn't see it on page 1.

Hey! So cool that you have that much data :) Would love to hear more about your thoughts if you're open to chatting - ruthie@jointherest.com

You guys should have some more content. It's not believable at the moment that it's anything more than the typical stuff I read about on the internet.

Think podcasts, long-form testimonials, what it's about, etc...

Hey! Thank you for sharing that. I'd love to hear more about what kind of content would be interesting if you're open to chatting - ruthie@jointherest.com.

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