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So do it the old fashioned way: socialize and network with people at industry events. Ageism is another issue that isn’t quite so easy to solve. Doesn’t that depend on the area more than anything?

Networking like that is how I found my job without a degree in computer science.

Networking - which I do - will only take you so far. I have a strong network but you still need to have the requirements for the job. Why would a company hire someone who doesn’t have the wanted skillset when they could find someone who does.

I only started really job hopping and taking my career seriously 10 years ago at 35. I’ve always had at least a half a dozen interviews and a minuscule number of rejections. My network got me to the interview without going through an ATS. My Resume Driven Development and knowing the game got me offers.

Ageism outside of the cool hip startup world is exaggerated. Most of the older developers confuse ageism with not keeping their skillset in sync with the market.

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