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I don't see comparison to Istio, might be helpful.

They do have a comparisons section in their docs, but it's just marketing fluff.


If nothing else, looks like they're both built around Envoy.

Odd considering Kong is based on Nginx and this is built by Kong.

Kong the company is the author of Kong Gateway, and Kuma Mesh. Two different products for different use-cases.

Right, I understand that, but I was just commenting that it is odd they didn't built it on top of Nginx. I would have expected that rather than switching to Envoy.

Envoy has a proven track record in Mesh deployments, whereas in NGINX those primitives have to be built from scratch. On the other end, NGINX has proven track record as an Ingress Gateway and therefore it is the natural technology as an APIM solution.

Looks like Envoy is the clear winner in the API gateway war.

Unlike Istio, this is built to work natively with minimal dependencies on every platform, not exclusively on Kubernetes, which means it can support both new greenfield applications and existing VM-based apps, so that networking policies that would typically be available only on K8s for new apps, can be applied on existing workload today. That, and it’s meant to be easier to use, which is another big problem with existing Service Mesh implementations.

Istio has been progressively integrated into Cloud Foundry, which predates Kubernetes.

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